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One of our successful Google ads Campaign

Campaign Name: Sloan Carpets Grand Opening Sale

Campaign Overview: Sloan Carpets, a family-owned carpet and flooring store, launched a Google Ads campaign to promote their grand opening sale. The primary objectives were to increase foot traffic to their physical store and boost online inquiries.

Key Metrics and Results:

  1. Click-Through Rate (CTR): The campaign achieved an impressive CTR of 8%, indicating that the ad creative and targeting effectively resonated with the audience.

  2. Conversion Rate: The conversion rate for online inquiries surpassed expectations, reaching 12%. This suggests that the landing page and contact forms were optimized for user engagement.

  3. Ad Spend: Sloan Carpets allocated a budget of $2,500 for the campaign and spent $2,100, staying well within budget while achieving their goals.

  4. Impressions: The campaign garnered 90,000 impressions, raising brand awareness in the local market.

  5. Clicks: Sloan Carpets received 7,200 clicks, signifying strong interest in their grand opening sale.

  6. In-Store Visits: Google Ads reported that the “In-Store Visits” feature showed 1,000 visits to the physical store attributed to the campaign. This was tracked by customers who clicked on the ad and then visited the store.

  7. Online Inquiries: The campaign resulted in 500 online inquiries via the website’s contact form, email, and phone calls.

  8. Geographic Targeting: The majority of clicks and conversions came from the local area surrounding the store, proving the effectiveness of the local targeting strategy.

Google Analytics Metrics:

  1. Traffic Increase: In Google Analytics, a significant spike in website traffic during the campaign period is evident, with the majority of traffic originating from the local area.

  2. In-Store Visits: The “In-Store Visits” feature in Google Analytics shows the correlation between online ad engagement and physical store visits. This data validates the campaign’s effectiveness in driving foot traffic.

  3. Conversion Paths: Google Analytics will reveal the various paths users took on the website before making inquiries, helping Sloan Carpets understand user behavior.

  4. Demographics: Insights into the age and gender of website visitors will help Sloan Carpets tailor their future marketing efforts.

  5. Mobile vs. Desktop: Analytics data will show whether mobile or desktop devices played a more significant role in conversions, assisting in device-specific optimization.

  6. Traffic Sources: Analytics can provide information about the sources of website traffic, indicating which channels were the most effective in driving inquiries.

This fictional example illustrates the success of a local Google Ads campaign for “Sloan Carpets.” The campaign achieved its goals by driving both online inquiries and in-store visits, ultimately contributing to the success of the grand opening sale. To obtain these results, real data would be collected and analyzed using Google Ads and Google Analytics, but this example demonstrates a typical successful campaign scenario for a local business.

One of our successful Facebook ads Campaign

Client: Photography & Education

Campaign Name: PhotographyPros: Master Your Photography Business

Campaign Overview: The Photography & Education client launched a Facebook Ads campaign with the goal of building a community, driving quality website traffic, and consistently generating sales of online memberships and digital products, all aimed at educating photographers on how to build successful photography businesses.

Key Metrics and Results:

  • Ad Spend: The campaign’s ad spend amounted to $12,107.42, reflecting the budget invested to meet the campaign objectives.

  • Reach: The campaign reached an impressive 245,064 people, extending the brand’s visibility to a significant audience.

  • Impressions: The campaign generated a total of 1,281,019 impressions, indicating a strong online presence.

  • Landing Page Views: The ads directed 3,711 individuals to the dedicated landing page, signaling effective ad creative and targeting.

  • Add to Carts: A notable number of users, 565 to be exact, showed a keen interest by adding products to their carts, reflecting a high level of engagement with the offerings.

  • Purchases: The campaign yielded 435 purchases of online memberships and digital products, amounting to a revenue of $40,427.67.

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The campaign achieved a remarkable return on ad spend of 3.3x, demonstrating the efficiency of the advertising strategy. For every dollar invested in ads, $3.30 in revenue was generated.

Google Analytics Metrics:

  • Traffic Increase: Google Analytics revealed a significant increase in website traffic during the campaign period. The majority of traffic was attributed to the Facebook Ads campaign.

  • Conversion Paths: Analytics data showcased the different paths users took on the website before making purchases, providing insights into user behavior and the effectiveness of the landing page and product offerings.

  • Demographics: Analytics data indicated the age, gender, and geographic location of website visitors, enabling the client to better understand their customer base and adjust marketing efforts accordingly.

  • Mobile vs. Desktop: The data showed that mobile devices played a more significant role in conversions, prompting the client to optimize their website for mobile users.

  • Traffic Sources: Analytics data pointed to Facebook as the primary source of website visits and product sales, reaffirming the campaign’s central role in driving traffic and conversions.

In this fictional scenario, the Photography & Education client’s Facebook Ads campaign successfully met its objectives. It not only built a community and attracted quality website traffic but also consistently generated sales of online memberships and digital products. The exceptional return on ad spend (ROAS) of 3.3x underlines the effectiveness of the advertising strategy. These results are a typical example of a successful Facebook Ads campaign for an education-focused client.

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